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Admin Procedures


​Board​​​​A-01Policy Development and Revision

A-02 Appointment of Board Auditor

A-03 A-03 Communication Plan

A-04Officers of the Board and Execution of Documents

A-05  Electronic Meetings

A-06 A-06 Trustee Travel Prof Dev 

A-07Expectations for Teachers

A-08  Recognition Awards for Employees and Trustees

A-09 Trustee Honorarium

A-10 Community Remembrance Day Ceremonies

A-11 Partnerships with External Agencies

A-12 Copyright Fair Dealing Guidelines

A-13​ Flag Protocol
​Administr​ation​B-01​​Textbook Approval

B-02 Records Management

B-03 AIDS and Hep B

B-04   Funerals and Memorials

B-05 Board Wide Code of Conduct

B-06 Posting of Information on Web Sites

B-07  Advertising Announcements Posting and Distribution of Materials

​Business and Finance​C-01  Accounting for School Funds

C-02  C-02 Staff Travel Prof Dev 

C-03 Use of Personal Vehicles on Board Business

C-04Banking - Deposits and Disbursement of Funds

C-05 Investment of Board Funds

C-06 Procurement

C-07  Purchasing of Computer Equipment and Software

C-08 Board Purchase Card

C-09 Petty Cash Procedure

C-10  Perquisite Procedure
​Facilities and Equipment β€‹D-01 Playground Facilities

D-02 Trespass to Property Act Revised

D-03 Community Use of Schools

D-04 Key Control

D-05  Smoking

D-06 Replacement and Disposal of Surplus or Outdated Furniture

D-07  Acceptable Usage Procedure

D-07A   AUP Use of Laptops at Home

D-08 Spam E-Mails

D-09 Use of Defibrillator Procedure

D-10Pupil Accommodation Review

D-11 Environmental Education

D-12  Cell Phone Procedure

D-13  Community Planning and Partnerships

D-14  User Accounts Password Requirements

D-15 Helpdesk Procedure

D-16 Video Surveillance Procedure

D-17 D-17 Naming of Schools
​Transportation​​E-01   Transportation- Rainy River District
           Transportation- Kenora District​
​Schools​F-01​ F-01 Emergency Procedures Plan

F-02  Guidelines for Developing and Maintaining Lockdown Procedures

F-03 Educational Field Trips

F-04F-04 French Immersion

F-05 Temporary Closing of Schools

F-06Use of Volunteers

F-07 School Admissions

F-08 Flushing Monitoring Testing

F-10 Antiracism and Ethnocultural Procedure

F-10A  Equity Inclusive Education Procedure

F-10B Accommodation of Staff Procedure

F-10C Religious Accommodation

F-11  Minimum Instructional Time

F-12 Catholic School Councils

F-13F-13 Student Admission Out of Country

F-14 Fees for Learning Materials Activities

​Staff​G-01 Employment of Staff

G-02 Criminal Background Check - Employees

G-03 Allocation of School Secretarial Staff

G-04Workplace Violence

G-04APPEN A Risk Assessment Checklist

G-04APPEN B Domestic Violence

G-04APPEN C Communication Devices

G-04APPEN D Survey​

G-04APPEN E Incident Rpt

G-05 Selection of Principals

G-06 G-06 Call-in of Qualified Occasional Teachers

G-07 Professional Development

G-08Non-teaching Staff Performance Appraisal
G-08G-08-01-Management Staff Performance Appraisal Form Summative Report
G-08G-08-02-Non-teaching Staff Performance Appraisal Summative Report

G-09 Employee Assistance Program

G-10 Approval of Leaves

G-11 Release of Information on Employees

G-12 Teacher in Charge

G-13 Occupational Health Safety

G-14 Teacher Performance Appraisal

G-15 Pay Equity Procedures for Administrative Staff

G-16 Employees Charged or Accused with Misconduct

G-17 Harassment

G-18 Term Appointments for Positions of Added Responsibility

G-19  Staff Subpoenaed to Appear in Legal Proceedings

G-20  Safe Access to Facilities Schools during COVID 19 

G-21 G-21 Approval of Overtime

G-22 G-22 Call-in of Casual CUPE Staff

G-23 Role of Indigenous Educational Assistants

G-24 Time Sheets for Non-Teaching Staff

G-25 Leave for Urgent Personal Business

G-26  Instructions for the Tracking and Banking of Teacher Prep and Planning Time

G-27  Accessible Customer Service Standard

G-27-1Notice of Consent Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

G-27-2Notice to Public Service Disruption Accessibility Standards

G-28  Disability Mgt Accomodation Return to Work

G-29  Confidentiality of Medical Records

G-30  Voluntary Exit Survey

G-31  Absence Reporting

G-32G-32 Handling of Blood Body Fluids

         Handling of Blood Body Fluids App1

G-33G-33 Attendance Management

G-34 Photo Identification Badges

G-35 Teacher Hiring Practices

G-36 Teacher Hiring Conflict of Interest

G-37   G-37 Use of Medical Cannabis

​StudentsH-01Duty to Report Child in Need of Protection

H-02  Provision of Health Support Services in the School System

H-03 Home Schooling

H-04Home Instruction

H-04AHome Instruction for Expelled Suspended Students Procedure

H-05Student Discipline

H-06  Awards for Secondary School Students

H-07 Safe and Accepting Schools Student Discipline Overview

H-07 A Safe and Accepting Schools Progressive Discipline

H-07 B  Safe and Accepting Schools Suspensions and Expulsions
               H-07-034 - Safe Schools Reporting Form APPENDIX 1

H-07 C  Safe and Accepting Schools Bullying Prevention and Intervention
                H-07-034 - Safe Schools Reporting Form APPENDIX 1


H-07 D Access to School Property Procedure

H-07 E   Delegation of Authority Procedure

H-07 F  Supporting of Students Parents Procedure

H-08 Exemption from Instruction in Human Development and Sexual Health

H-09 Student Evaluation

H-10 Reporting to Parents

H-11  Early and Ongoing Indentification of Children's Needs

H-12  Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals

H-13  Student Fund Raising Projects 2021

H-14 SpEd Equipment Assistive Technology

H-15 Aboriginal Self-Identification

H-16  Safe Healthy Schools for Children

H-17  H-17 Assessment Evaluation Reporting Procedures

H-17A Growing Success - Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of Student Achievement Kindergarten to Grade 12

H-18 Healthy Eating in Schools Procedure

H-18A School Food Beverage

H-19 Student Attendance

H-20  Safe Arrival Safe Dismissal of Students

H-21  French as a Second Language Core French

H-22  H-22 Suicide Awareness Intervention Post Intervention

H- 23 Pediculosis Head Lice
          Head Lice APPENDIX A
          Head Lice Appendix B    
          Pediculosis (Head Lice) Appendix C

Concussion Safety

H-25​  Safe Healthy Schools for Children with Asthma

H-26  Supporting Students with Diabetes

H-26 Plan of Care for Diabetes

H-27  Requirements for Remote Learning

H-28 Suicide Assessment Process For School Counsellors

H-29 Cold Weather Guidelines

​Communications​​I-01​ Disposition of Commendation or Complaint