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Rural Northern Education Fund

Rural Northern Education Fund (RNEF) – 2021-22 Reporting

The RNEF Allocation is dedicated funding to further improve education for students from rural and northern communities.

School boards may use the funding for rural education based on local needs, such as the following:

  • Improving programming and support services in rural schools
  • Continuing the operation of rural schools
  • Enhancing student transportation options such as late bus runs and mobile online learning through tablets or Wi-Fi

School boards are required to publicly post details of RNEF expenditures as well as those schools in which RNEF funding was spent. (Education Funding: Technical Paper 2021-22).

In the 2021-22 school year, Northwest Catholic DSB received $146,118 in RNEF Funding and invested $147,031 into the following staffing allocations:

Music Programming

  • St. Joseph's School
  • St. Mary School
  • St. Patrick's School

Athletics Programming

  • St. Patrick's School

Education Assistant

  • Our Lady of the Way School


  • Our Lady of the Way School