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Governance Policy


Governance Process


​GP 1.0 Governance Commitment

GP 10.0(A)  Audit Committee

​Ex​ecutive Limitations

​EL 1.0 General Executive Limitations

EL 2.0 External and Internal Relationships

EL 3.0​ Compensations and Benefits

EL 4.0 Budgeting and Forecasting

EL 5.0 Actual Financial Condition

EL 6.0 Asset Protection

EL 7.0  Communication and Counsel to the Board

EL 8.0 Accommodations

EL 9.0 Hiring and Promotions

 Outcomes OU 1.0  Board's Mission Values and Vision 

OU 2.0 System Planning 

OU 3.0 Graduate Expectations 

OU 4.0 Visible Catholic Schools

OU 5.0  Public Image of the Board

OU 7.0  Student Achievement

OU 8.0 Staffing

OU 9.0  Board Facilities

OU 10.0  System Finance

OU 11.0  Communications

OU 12.0  Governance

OU 13.0  Attendance Support

OU 14.0 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

OU 15.0​ Copyright Fair Dealings Guideline

​​Board/Staff Relationship 
​BSR 1.0  Director of Education Role

BSR 2.0  Delegation to the Director of Education

BSR 3.0 Performance Appraisal Director of Education

BSR 4.0 Trustee-Director Communication