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    • Schools will support students with special education needs who may require additional transition strategies (such as providing social stories or introductory videos to students and families) prior to the start of the school year;
    • Students will be supported with in-school transition strategies starting the first day of school and continuing as long as each child requires the additional transition supports. These strategies are specific to the needs of each student. Consultation with parents will be important for successful planning;
    • Changes in the school environment and/or remote learning needs will be considered when reviewing and updating Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and to ensure continued access to assistive technology;
    • Speech language services will be continued with enhanced safety protocols;
    • Schools will offer additional supports, such as time in the Special Education room working in small, cohorted groups, when needed.


      The Ministry of Education has directed elementary schools to open with the Full Return Model (In Person Learning or Distance Learning). If a parent chooses not to send their child back to school in-person, they will be placed on a distance learning list, and will be assigned a schedule with a distance learning teacher (possibly from another community).

      At TNCDSB, we understand that some families may have concerns and will keep their child(ren) home to start the school year. There are specific re-entry times when your child(ren) may re-enter the school for in person learning. These dates are:
  • October 13, 2020 (day after Thanksgiving)
  • February 1, 2021 (day after Term 2)
  • March 22, 2021 (day after March Break)

These dates must be adhered to in order to balance cohort sizes, balance staffing, and ensure appropriate resources have been allocated to schools.

Full Return - In Person Instructional Model

  • Schools are fully open and operating under the new safety protocols to deliver instruction;
  • Students will return to the classroom five days a week to receive in-person instruction;
  • Students will be in class cohorts, adhering to physical distancing protocols and wearing non-medical masks if they are in Gr. 4 - 8. Non-medical masks for students in Kindergarten to Gr. 3 are encouraged but not mandatory;
  • 300 minutes of instructional time per day.

Full Return - Distance Learning Instructional Model

All students will have the option to enroll in distance learning, at the beginning of each assessment period rather than attend in-person classes.

  • Students will engage in distance learning five days a week (virtual program delivery);
  • Students will be expected to log in daily for attendance and participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning, and complete assignments by expected dates;
  • Student performance will be assessed and evaluated accordingly;
  • Teacher may be from another school community.