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School Administrator Checklist


​School Administrator Checklist (complete items as applicable to the situation)

□ Contact your Superintendent immediately or designate.

□ Contact your Mental Health Lead.

□ Clarify facts around the death – call the bereaved family, if appropriate. (See Communication)

□ If a staff member or student has died, contact all staff, including those who are absent or part-time, to notify and advise of special meeting before school begins.

□ Organize meetings with Tragic Events Team members.

□ Call School Counsellor, Child and Youth Worker and Mental Health and Addictions Nurse if appropriate.

□ Provide direction for custodial and all support staff around flag- lowering protocol.

□ If a student has died, contact his or her teachers as soon as possible. Principal will notify bussing consortium.

□If a student has died, contact family and offer condolences.

□Attend any prayer services, funerals/ memorials for the deceased.

□ Gather personal items from the classroom, preferably when other students are not present. Determine whether this needs to be done the first day. Have staff meeting for all staff to provide direction.

□ Determine if other schools may be involved (i.e., siblings of the student or children of the staff member) in order to provide support for one another.

□Reflect on your own state of mind as well as the Catholic beliefs around death and dying.                                                                                                                

□Practice self-care.

□Identify at risk students and staff.

□Arrange coverage- supply teachers or other appropriate personnel for teachers who are having difficulty coping and to free teachers to deal with students.

□ Prepare for your communication to student body and community. (See Communication).

□ Contact the appropriate Child & Family Services Organization in your community if a student has witnessed or been a part of a violent incident.

□ As directed by your SO, send an email to notify other administrators who may be impacted by the tragic event.

□ If a student or staff member passes away at a school site or Board-sponsored event, the Principal will call the Health and Safety Officer who will contact the Ministry of Labour.

□ Contacting FIREFLY, Kenora-Rainy River District's Child and Family Services, Weechi-it-te-win to request contact information provided/readily available to support students and families (if support hasn't already been offered). Include contact information to KidsHelpLine and EAP on various documentation to staff and families.

□ Discuss with family referral to counselling service, if appropriate.

□ In the event of a suicide, refer to TNCDSB's Postvention Suicide Protocol for additional information/scripts/checklists.


□Response team can assist with staff meetings and appropriate follow-up.

□Review upcoming events that may need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

□Connect with Catholicity Coordinator for appropriate prayer services to be done in the classroom or for the whole school with the family's permission.