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Lead/Coordinator/Teacher/Liaison Checklist


Mental Health Lead Checklist​

□ Contact Superintendent                                                          

□ Assemble Tragic Events ​Team                                                                                                                                            

□ Be present at the school during the crisis to offer support to staff or students.                                                               

□ Assist with communication to students and parents             

□ Connect staff and students with Mental Health  Professionals                                                                                      

□ Contact EAP if necessary and provide information about EAP to staff.​                                                                      

□ Identify and make available resources on grief.                     

□ Coordinate any required services                                            

□ Record details of the crisis and the procedures followed for debriefing sessions.                                                                 

□ Establish a date for a team evaluation and debriefing at the conclusion of the involvement of the Tragic Events Team.                                                                                         

□ Provide debriefing for any staff

Catholicity Coordinator Checklist

□ Notify Pastoral Team at appropriate school location.

□ Assist in creating a prayer service for school or classroom.

□ Pastoral Team Members are asked to set up a quiet room for students and staff to go and reflect that is comfortable and welcoming. Provide such amenities as refreshments, prayers, Bible, quiet music, stuffed animals.  Make sure to include grief support kit in these rooms.

Teacher Checklist

□ Determine personal needs and ask for assistance if needed.

□ Be a role model for students. Respond in a personal way.

□ Answer questions honestly and patiently.

□ Be aware of the age of students and inform them of the facts related to the event with 
this in mind,

□ Support students in their grief.

□ Encourage the sharing of feelings. Allow students to share thoughts and memories as well as question the circumstances.

□ Plan activities that will allow the child to express grief.

□ Allow for some physical release of emotions.

□ Provide a space for grief.

Family Liaison Checklist

□ This staff member is to be selected based on rapport with the family.

□ Establish an initial contact date and time with the  family to discuss the family wishes.

□ Request information concerning family wishes.

□ Make counselling referrals for family on request and connect with the Mental Health Lead and  School Principal.

□ Provide updates from family to Tragic Event team