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 Thunde​r Bay Street Gospe​l -featuring Christal and Ayla from St. Joseph's School.

 Thunder Bay Street Gospe​l -featuring Mark and Carol Hyatt

 Thunder Bay Street Gospel -featuring former Trustee, Deacon Bob and his wife Betty Grynol

 Thunder Bay Street Gospel -featuring Trustee David Sharp and wife Rosemarie

 Thunder Bay Street Gospel -featuring Catholicity Coordinator, Michael Nerino

2018 December - Advent Radio​ Spot

​​Recorded by Michael Nerino, and Sacred Heart students Emilia Blandon-Michelizzi and Sophia Legary.​


2018 November - Remembrance and Peace Radio​ Spot

​​Recorded by Michael Nerino, and St. Joseph's School students Reidar Paquette and Jordyn Robichaud.


2018 October - Thanksgiving and World Teacher's Day Radio Spot

​​Recorded by Michael Nerino, and St. Joseph's School student Lhasaja May.​


2018 Catholic Education Week Message

​​Recorded by Amy LaFroy, and St. Francis School students Amelia Saciuk and Emma Yerxa.


​​​​2018 Easter Radio Message

​Recorded by Aiden Jean and Grace George, Grade 6 Students at St. Francis School, Fort Frances, ON. 


Catholic Education Links

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Dioceses of Thunder Bay​ (DOTB)

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) Classroom Resources

The Vatican​

Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)​

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