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Tutoring Services

TVO Learn Mathify provides FREE online math support for Ontario students in Grades 4-12. Students may use TVO Learn Mathify to get homework help, prepare for math tests, ask clarity on math concepts, and visually sketch math problems. 


Online Learning Programs

TNCDSB students have access to two online learning programs to continue their mathematical learning outside of school.

MATHia Adventures (K-6)

Knowledgehook (K-8)

Online Tools/Manipulatives

Digital tools and manipulatives bring all of the learning and fun to your home. Students have access to these online tools to support their learning at home.

Mathies - English

Mathies - Français

Mathigon      ​                                                                      


The 2020 Ontario Mathematics Curriculum incorporated Coding into students learning expectations. Coding provides students with opportunities to "solve problems and create computational representations of mathematical situations by reading, altering, writing and executing code." (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2020). Below are some programs that we incorporate within our classrooms to support students' coding learning.

CS First