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Staff Resources

School Based Mental Health Services

You can make a referral for School Counselling using the Online Referral Link.  Talk to the Mental Health Staff in your School or the Mental Health Lead Lisa Devlin for more information. 

Need Help with making a referral?  See the attached Referral with Instructions.pdf  

Staff Resource Guide: 

This resource below was created to provide mental health resources and to help Educational Assistant's map the processes and procedures for our school board to help students in need.

TNCDSB EA Resource Guide.pdf

Universal In Class Programming: 

We recognize that mental health awareness, prevention and early intervention is key to student wellness.  We would like to increase our supports to educators for embedding this work into classrooms everyday.  We offer the following list below of In Class Programming that is facilitated by Mental Health Staff:

In Class Programming by Mental Health Staff

There is also the two resources below of evidence based resources for Educators with a description of content that you can deliver in your classroom to help incorporate mental health literacy, prevention and strategies into classrooms:

Mental Health Classroom Resources


If the programs listed do not meet your class needs - talk to the Mental Health Staff in your school or contact the Mental Health Lead Lisa Devlin to discuss other options.

Employee Family Assistance Program:

Personal mental health and well-being is important. If you are struggling with a mental health or personal problem that is negatively affecting your well-being, the Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a confidential and free service that can assist you. For more information, visit   For immediate assistance, contact Crisis Services at 1-866-888-8988.

**The Mental Health and Wellness Virtual Learning Environment Section (VLE) has additional information and resources for staff**