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Mental Health



The Role of Mental Health in Schools

Schools are the logical point of entry to increase the efficacy of mental health services to children and adolescents. As multidisciplinary entities, schools are the best places to integrate and to coordinate the efforts of teachers, administrators, families, and mental health service providers to foster the mental health of students.

Offering services in the schools improves access to treatment. Accessible, affordable mental health services are most easily and consistently provided in the educational setting. Problems of transportation, accessibility, and stigma are minimized when such services are provided in schools.

Mental health is directly linked to educational outcomes.  Schools are the optimal place to develop psychological competence and to teach children about making informed and appropriate choices concerning their health and many other aspects of their lives;  schools are the only organization in our society to which virtually all children and adolescents are consistently exposed for extended periods of time.

How Can I access Mental Health Supports for my Child?

TNCDSB has a team of dedicated mental health staff to support student mental health.  You can access school based mental health supports using the Referral Link.  If you need assistance with the referral please see the MH Referral with Instructions.pdf or by contacting the Mental Health Lead listed below.

There are also a variety of community support available listed in the resource section on the side bar.  If you have any trouble navigating these supports please contact the Mental Health Lead below.

 Lisa Devlin - Mental Health Lead
The Northwest Catholic District School Board​
555 Flinders Avenue
Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3L2
Phone:  (807) 274-2931 ext. 1234 Fax:  (807) 274-8792

In School Mental Health Team

 TNCDSB has three child & youth workers (CYW) to provide social, emotional and behavioral support to children and youth at schools.
Shawna Sveinson - CYW, St. Joseph's School
​Fiona Giasson - CYW, St. Mary School and Our Lady of the Way School
Kathryn Toth - CYW, Sacred Heart School

​ TNCDSB   has five  School  Counsellors to provide brief mental health counselling to students. Referrals can be made by contacting your child's classroom Teacher or school Principal.

Deegan Slate - ​​School Counsellor (Sacred Heart School)
Riley Drombolis - School Counsellor (St. Mary School)
Jodi Doherty - School Counsellor (St. Joseph School)
Jessica McDonald - School Counsellor ( Sacred Heart School)
Alyssa Chambers - School Counsellor (St. Patrick's School)

​Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy 

Please see below for our Mental Health and Addictions 3- Year Strategy as well as the Annual Action Plan

Mental Health 3 Year Strategy SEPTEMBER 2021.pdf

Action Plan for 2023-2024.docx

TNCDSB Human Trafficking Protocol (1).pdf