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Special Education

​​​​​​​​​​​The goal of Special Education is to provide appropriate resources and support to all students so that as many exceptional pupils as possible remain in regular classes. All teachers share the responsibility for meeting the needs of exceptional and non-exceptional children. The Special Education Resource Teachers deal with a wide range of exceptionalities and administer educational assessments and develop programming for students in conjunction with the classroom teachers.

Special Education in Ontario ​​- Policy and Resource Guide

Special Education Plan 2017-18

 ​Special Education Parents Guide

 Early Years Transition to School Document  - How Does Learning Happen for Your Child?

 ​SEAC Overview

Effective Practices Handbook for SEAC Members

A Guide to Preventing & Resolving Conflicts Regarding Program & Services for Students with Special Needs

Special Needs​ Support - Ministry of Children & Youth Services


Shelly Durance, Special Education Coordinator

The Northwest Catholic District School Board

75 Van Horne Avenue, Unit B

Dryden, Ontario P8N 2B2

Phone:  (807) 223-4663 ext 1032  Fax:  (807) 223-4014