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Community Use

 Overview of Application Process

Community Use of Schools is an initiative that supports access to school space outside of school hours for not-for-profit community groups. To book a facility with The Northwest Catholic District School Board: 

     1.     Review Policies D-02, Trespass to Property Act and D-03, Community Use of Schools, 
          Grounds and Equipment.
     2.     Please check the online Calendar for availability prior to completing your application. The
         Calendar link is available on the Board’s web site
    3.     Application for booking is now available online. The Application for Permit link is available
    4.     If the applicant has general liability coverage, a copy of the insurance certificate must be
         provided. If the applicant does not have liability insurance, they may apply to the Board for
        coverage by noting the need in the application.

Please note:  All school-related functions have priority over Community Use.  Please note some restrictions apply.

For general inquiries regarding the Board’s Policy and Procedures, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator, Diana Griffiths at: Telephone:  807-223-4663 ext 1029Fax:  807-223-4014
 D-03, Community Use of School Policy
 D-02, Trespass to Property Act Policy
  How to Request Access to Submit Online Facilities Requests
 On-Line Calendar and Application Form (Community Use)
On-line Application Form (Employee Use)