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St. Francis School
Principal's Message

​​At St. Francis School, we pride ourselves on providing a quality Catholic Education. We have a wonderful staff here who are all committed to ensuring all children get the best education possible. We believe in success for all students. St. Francis not only offers an excellent academic program, but also a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

When our students leave St. Francis School at the end of grade 8, they are well-rounded individuals. Throughout their journey here in our Catholic school, our students are provided with many opportunities to learn about hope, respect, love, perseverance, and social justice. We teach our students about our Catholic values and how they can apply these values to their everyday life and make a difference in the world.​

Solid partnerships between home and school are key to your child's success. Here at St. Francis School, we believe that open, ongoing communication is essential. Our doors are always open!​​​​