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St. Francis School
Community Use of Schools

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Overview of Application Process​

Community Use of Schools is an initiative that supports 

access to school space outside of school hours 

for not-for-profit community groups. 

To book a facility with The Northwest Catholic District School Board:​

  • ​​​​​​​​​​     β€‹Review Policies D02, Trespass to Property Act and D03, Community Use of Schools,  Grounds and Equipment.

  • ​       β€‹β€‹β€‹To submit your request for use of a site please follow the instructions: How to request access to submit online Facilities request.  Log-in is on the top right hand corner of the On-lin​e bookin​g calendar​. The password required to submit the application is the word password. 

  •     ​If the applicant has general liability coverage, a Certificate of Insurance must be provided. This document can be obtained from your insurance company and must name the Board as holder of the Certificate. Minimum coverage requirements are outlined in D03.  If the applicant does not  have liability insurance, they may apply to the Board for coverage by noting the need in the application under the rental request section.

Please note:  All school-related functions have priority over community use.  

Please note some restrictions apply.​

For preliminary approvals and to discuss access please contact the Principal of the school:

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Sacred Heart School: 807-737-1121 ext 1722 Brody Marsonet, Principal

St. Joseph's School: 807-223-5227 ext 1622 Jennifer Rathwell, Principal

St. Michael's School: 807-274-9232 ext 1422 Kelly Forbes, Principal

St. Francis School: 807-274-7756 ext 1322 Kelly Forbes, Principal

Our Lady of the Way School: 807-483-5477 Lisa George, Principal

St. Patrick's School: 807-597-2633 ext 1822 Jessica Veenbaas, Principal

For free technical support in completing your application please contact the software company's support desk at the following:

SCHOOL DUDE: 1-877-655-DUDE (3833) or email: (if requested the Account # is 107969252)

For general inquiries regarding the Board’s Policy and Procedures, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator, Diana Griffiths at: Telephone:  807-223-4663 ext 1029 or Fax:  807-223-4014​