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St. Mary School
Principal's Message

Welcome back! 

I hope that all of our families enjoyed a wonderful summer. I also hope that you are relaxed, recharged, and ready to start a new school year! I am so delighted that you are part of our amazing learning community. I welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in education, and I look forward to working with you and your children! My family moved back to Fort Frances and spent the majority of the summer unpacking! My husband and I are excited to be back and look forward to making lasting memories with our family. 

All signs point to another incredible and productive school year. Our skilled and devoted staff have been working very hard planning and preparing a great year for your child(ren). Our enthusiastic secretaries have been registering new families, ordering needed materials, and updating student files. Our hard-working and conscientious custodians have spent the entire summer thoroughly cleaning the facility. We are indeed a joyous and caring community with the common goals of nurturing responsible, caring students and promoting a safe learning environment. 

Each year brings positive change and I look forward to working with Mrs. Dawn Mann as we foster academic excellence, faith, and a loving and supportive community. We will continue our commitment to helping all children develop their academic skills, personal passions, and social/emotional competence so that they are prepared to effectively navigate the demands associated with living in an ever-changing 21st century. 

Education is a shared partnership among students, staff, parents, and the community. We encourage parents/caregivers/guardians/grandparents to become closely involved with the school. Check the “Visitors and Volunteers” section of this newsletter for ways to contribute. Thank you to all who are helping prepare for the new school year. Your commitment to insuring that St. Mary is a celebrated and successful school is awe-inspiring. I eagerly look forward to greeting students and families again. It remains an honour and privilege to serve as your principal. Together, I know we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all children. Please know that I am always available to discuss any questions or concerns related to serving you and the children of St. Mary School. The staff at St. Mary are looking forward to a productive and rewarding 2023-2024 school year as we work with your child(ren) and families. 

God Bless,

Meghan Bourgeois