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Accommodation Review

An accommodation review (AR) anticipates the consolidation of schools and/or the closing of a school(s).
Once a board has determined that an AR is to be undertaken, an Accommodation Review Committee (ARC), consisting of community members, educators, parent and board administrative representatives, is appointed by the Board. A School Board Trustee may but is not required to be included on an ARC. The ARC's responsibility is to complete the AR and the options available to the ARC are:
  • School consolidation and/or closure;
  • Boundary changes;
  • New facilities or upgrades;
  • Partnerships and joint use opportunities;
  • No change.
The ARC will consult extensively with the community and make recommendations to the Board. The Board will make the final decision.  The AR process, including the role of the ARC, is prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of Education in its accommodation review guideline.