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Human Resources

​The Human Resources Department will strive to provide competent, courteous, and professional assistance to all Northwest Catholic District School Board Staff.  We are committed to establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with Staff, Principals, and Administrators.
Each person is a vital part of the staff at The Northwest Catholic District School Board, and each person will be treated equally with respect.
Phone:  (807) 274-2931 ext. 1236      Fax:  (807) 274-8792​ 
Phone: (807) 274-2931 ext.1225     Fax: (807) 274-8792​
Phone: (807)274-2931 ext. 1220   Fax:  (807) 274-8792
Phone: (807) 274-2931 ext. 1224      Fax: (807) 274-8792​